Our podcast was launched October 28, 2018.  That was our "GROUND ZERO".   We simultaneously launched our Free Range Texan YouTube channel, Blog, and Facebook presence.  Each connected in a way that directly cross-promotes our podcast.   The significance of this network to our advertised sponsors is that when you purchase a position in our podcast, your company, product or service, is simultaneously presented on our YouTube channel while being followed by an article and pictures on our well-attended Blog, with a follow-up in our social media presence (Free Range Texan Facebook page).  You and or your business will be continuously promoted inside our monthly e-mail, designed to reach a literal who's who of recording industry movers and shakers, entertainment venues, and hundreds of the best people on earth ... our podcast listeners.  
We have two basic levels of participation. 

Option 1:  Free Range Texan podcast has developed segments that we call "Files".  Currently they are:  

       The Heroes and Heroines File
       The Free Range Talent File
       The Unexplained Files
       The Ain't Love Grand File
       Michael Shawn's Campfire 

One or more of these segments are included at random in our podcast.  A sponsorship on any one of these segments would include a mention at the beginning and a 30-second or longer live endorsement by Michael Shawn promoting your brand at the end of the segment.  While there is no way to forecast the frequency of the segments, the exception would be Michael Shawn's Campfire that has rolled in every one of our episodes to date.  It is expressly understood that we would require a commitment of at least 90 days to make you a part of our podcast. 
Option 2 is to sponsor our entire podcast episode.  This allows us to give your message the optimum frequency.  Advertisers receive a sponsorship mention in the beginning monologue, plus a detailed 60-second or larger endorsement by Michael Shawn mid-roll, and another grateful thanks for sponsoring our podcast during the close of our episode.  The full sponsorship package would be consistent on all of our monthly podcasts for a minimum of 90 days.

Unless otherwise specified advertisers spot announcements will always appear as personal endorsements by Michael Shawn, unless pre-produced spots are preferred by our client.  
The Free Range Texan podcast is growing monthly.  A-Team PR is pulling out all the stops to plant the seeds of our audience growth in fertile ground throughout the United States and overseas.  We are seeing our value grow consistently, and we are certain that the cost of our advertising is far less now than where we anticipate it being in the months ahead.  Anyone of our advertisers committing to a long-term agreement would be grandfathered in at their initial rate.  It is our desire to go the extra mile and bring an inordinate amount of value to our advertisers.  
If you would like to discuss current rates, contact ms@FreeRangeTexan.net.

Best regards. We look forward to visiting with you.